Frequently Asked Questions

Property Management

Residential and Commercial apartment buildings, commercial plazas, Commercial condos,
Each building is unique and requires a quote
As required by the client. We like to touch base with the property managers/board every 6 months
We follow an outline that is agreed upon by the property manager or the condo board prior to the start of our services. In emergencies we contact the emergency line and contact the emergency coordinator outlined in the service agreement

Commercial Cleaning

Offices, retail outlets, commercial units, warehouses, condos, dealerships, churches, medical clinics etc
Each unit needs a quote to properly assess the cost of cleaning the building. It ranges from hourly to squarefoot depending on the type of building and cleaning needs.
We lock doors while cleaning and work with alarm companies if they are in place. We also arm and disarm the building based on the set up of the building

Residential Cleaning

Move in/out cleans, deep cleaning, carpet/stone/vinyl/wood cleaning, window cleaning
We ask clients to put away the items they dont want cleaned or touched. If items are moved we put them back to their original spot. We take pictures of places that may raise a concern to the homeowner and we do a walk through before and after the cleaning
A quote is needed to determine the cost. It can be derived by square footage, flat rate or hourly
We provide our own equipment and supplies needed to clean the job

Special Floor Cleaning Services

Strip & wax, polishing and buffing, tile clean, vinyl floor cleaning, carpet extraction and encapsulation, floor sealing
Yes, stain removal for carpet and buffing of wooden floors
Each service is quoted by the square footage

Event Cleaning

Parties, gatherings, meetings, team building events, weddings, ceremonies
The client books a time for cleaning and we follow through with the requested services
Depending on the job, the time can be allotted accordingly. Services requested is what we provide which usually is bringing the space back to were it was prior to the event

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